Will Prop 8 trial help trans folks?

I've developed an addiction to following the Prop 8 trial as it unfolds.

Nevermind the Prop 8 supporters getting a BIG assist from SCOTUS in keeping actual testimony away from all but the few of the public who are in San Francisco and who can make it to the overflow room each day to report the latest.  Without there being an actual video documentation of the trial, the Yes-on-H8 side continues to spin the events to cast themselves in a favourable light.

But some information that is not favourable to them is getting out.  The LGBT community being denied political power.  That LGBT parents are functionally no different than traditional parents (and that kids don't 'need' a 'dad' and a 'mom', but a stable home environment with two responsible parents.  That for 90% of INDIVIDUALS, their sexual orientation is non-negotiable…

Even if SCOTUS rules FOR the Yes-on-H8 side, the information will help.

But I wonder how much of the goodness will trickle down to the trans community.

And will we need our own trial 20-30-40 years hence?

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