Where We Are, Where We Would Have Been

If John McCain had won the 2008 Presidential election with Sarah Palin as Vice President, conditions would not be as good as they are now in the U.S.

President Obama has tried to unite the country, bi-partisanly, recognizing that a united U.S. is extremely important during these perilous times of terrorism. Instead of getting any help with that aspiration, he encountered party politics, outright lies and distortions. With the stimulus packages and President Obama trying to save the economy, we heard the bully outcries that Obama is a Socialist who wants to spend money and implement taxes–a crock of lies and distortions. If Johm McCain had been elected President, he’d have been more bi-polar than bi-partisan.

I never did hear the Republicans say what their plan was to save the economy, different from what Obama did. Ah, but the seeds were being planted; the diminish Obama seeds, those little seeds of doubt and lies.

President Obama has pulled troops out of Iraq. McCain would have escalated. President Obama is striving to avoid conflict with Iran, if possible. McCain, a Republican, would have bombed, bombed, bombed by now. All the while, in the background, or excuse me, in the foreground, "they" are ranting that Obama is weak and is making the U.S. less secure. The constant static of negative partisan politics is making the U.S. less secure. They might as well again say, "bring it on".

President Obama brought us back from the abyss. If John McCain had been elected President, we would be standing in line at soup kitchens, instead of unemployment lines.

The tea baggers are just another sidebar to an already rediculous political climate. Tea baggers are running around protesting and yelling (town halls, ugly racial inferences, violent talk, Nazi references,talk of death panels), but who are they addressing? Obama and his people, only a year in office, did not this country nor its ugly policies create. Look to big money and its lawyers. Tea baggers, a little off-kilter anyway, have streaks of Nazism in their own blood and I’d say that they prefer that wonderfully "superior" brand of human being called "the white Caucasian". Anyway, tit for tat, our jobs have been flying overseas, like bats out of the bellfry, for eight years and more. Yet, Obama is blamed that there are no jobs.

President Obama has addressed an illegal and embarassing prisoner situation and is still engaged in resolving it. McCain would have just left them all there as is. All the while, running around and flapping his gums is ex-Vice President Cheney talking B.S. If I was Cheney, I would just stay whispering in the closet and pray not to be prosecuted for torture.

How credible and intelligent can the Republicans be if they actually think that John McCain would have been a good candidate for President or that he could do a better job than Obama? John McCain ain’t that bright. Republican candidates for office don’t have to be especially intelligent or qualified (John McCain, Sarah Palin), they simply have to be in line with Republican idealogy, whatever that is.

Plato said, "The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men". I am not apathetic nor faint of heart. Obama still believes in what he did when he was running for President, just as he still believes in the things that he did when he was a community organizer. I am still with him. My spouse is still with him. My spouse is the most politically jaded person that I have ever known, yet he is still holding strong in solidarity with Obama and most of his people.

Obama has brought us to the current day level of environmental consciousness and action. If McCain, a Republican, would have been elected President, he would just say global warming is a hoax. And he would have drilled, baby, drill. Obama has restored our standing in the international community and was awarded the Pulitzer Peace Prize.

Ronald Reagon was President of the Screen Actors Guild (Union) but yet when he was governor of California, he let state contracts for jobs go to non-union companies. We know people who lived there during that time. Didn’t Ronald Reagon deregulate the savings and loans and then after that, they failed and needed "socialist" bailing out from the government? And didn’t he take money from the Social Security fund that was never put back?

Our country is comprised of some intelligent people. But it is, also, comprised of the money mongers, the Republicans as a breed, stupid people and the politically corrupt. Some of those categories just merge together as one. Stupid people comprise about 50% of the population. They are the ones who love Sarah Palin to pieces and think that she would be just dandy as President. Look out, though, she would want to merge the V.P. position and the Secretary of State position into one neat, powerful, "small" government position. With all of the Republicans chatter about small government or no government, what the h$** are they doing in politics or government at all? Go buy yourself an island somewhere and count all your money.

As for the politcally corrupt, why is it legal that the Medical Industrial Complex could pay millions to certain Senators to kill health care reform? Just say no, delay, delay, then go in for the kill. Talk about death panels and it’ll scare ’em–you betcha.

I voted yes on Measures 66, 67. We need revenue for the military, police, roads, schools, etc. Government does for the people what individually would be hard to do. Republicans or most of them are ruthless and I will never trust them to behave bi-partisanly. They are not for anybody but themselves, their own kind and their so called idealogy. I don’t see much hope for the U.S. It will always be a battle with all these conflicting, idiotic opinions that people have–including the 24 hour news cycle. Democrats need to be equally ruthless with the Republicans–it’s not a matter of choice, it’s a matter of survival.

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