I have to agree with Truth Wins Out's Wayne Besen; most of the fundie B-team (or maybe they rate C or D at this point), has been slow to really get moving on the hate machine in 2010. He notes that "ex-gay" shop Exodus International has a budget over a cool million, yet it can't seem to find anyone clocking in at its offices to update its web site or issue a flaccid press release about its activities. Alan Chambers must be busy praying to ensure that he can ensure that  the man-on-man desires he says he still has are held at bay.

 I'm not sure about Wayne's selection of Peter LaBarbera as a hibernating homo hater; he's actually been churning out quite a bit of bile, including a defense of Uganda's "execute gays" bill, which Alvin skewered the other day. But I did have to laugh at this:

Gay-Grinch-FINAL-copyHowever, the award for laziest anti-gay extremist goes to Peter LaBarbera (aka Porno Pete).

On December 21, I was nominated along with several LGBT activists for the “Gay Grinch Award 2009“. LaBarbera introduced his contest to great fanfare on Concerned Women for America’sradio show.

Perhaps, I’ve missed it – after all, one can’t read everything on the Internet. But, it is now January 25th – and Porno Pete has yet to give out his award.

Look, I’m no expert on Christmas, but doesn’t giving out a “Gay GRINCH Award 2009″ imply that it will occur sometime within the vicinity of Dec. 25th? (Or New Years, at the latest)


If Porno Pete (pictured Left) was unable to get his sorry act together before Easter, he should have had the foresight and common sense to use an evil bunny for his award — and not a Grinch.  Wake up Petey!

Or, maybe this was just one big, cynical publicity stunt for LaBarbera’s failed organization, Americans for Truth? Maybe, he rather get paid to do nothing or cruise gay bars in the guise of “research”. It certainly beats getting a real job, I suppose.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding