Oy, Ve Shaw Do Tawk Funny!

My friend Dave Weigel delicately characterizes this as “bungling an ethnic pander.” I feel almost like getting hysterically shtetly about Harold Ford:

The two bantered about the difference between New York and Tennessee, with Dicker poking fun at Ford for pronouncing “smear” (as in: “I’ve been the victim of a smear campaign on my position on choice”) as “schmear”, prompting this exchange:

Dicker: “I think schmear is something you put on a bagel.”

Ford: “I’m a little country. I apologize…It’s “smear”, s-m-e-a-r. Y’all talk funny.”

It’s “asshole,” A-S-S-H-O…  Come on, Chuck Schumer. This is why God put you on earth.

Update: Relatedly, this is batshit surreal, and to make it batshittier, read it in an Ed Koch voice.

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