Courtesy of the Times it would appear that Mr. Hope intends to both attack the domestic well-being of the public further, while walking all over his base some more.

" … The freeze would cover the agencies and programs for which Congress allocates specific budgets each year, from air traffic control and farm subsidies to education, nutrition and national parks … The initiative holds political risks as well as potential benefits. Because Mr. Obama plans to exempt military spending while leaving many popular domestic programs vulnerable, his move is certain to further anger liberals in his party. Senior Democrats in Congress are already upset by the possible collapse of health care legislation and the troop buildup in Afghanistan, among other things …"

So, in order to insufficiently address a budget shortfall brought on by a massive domestic recession and huge expenditures on futile and needless foreign wars, Mr. Hope is going to attack the education system. He is going to attack the ability of the Federal government to invest in America’s decaying infrastructure, in to ameliorate the conditions of poverty.

He is going to attack the ability of the government to invest in a new energy economy, and green jobs.

He is going to do this in order to pander to the plutocracy, corporations, and financial barons – in order to pander to Republicans and rightist voters who have never worked with him once, and never will.

He is going to attack his own voter base and the well-being of the people while keeping the military spending at the huge and unprecedented levels created by the George W. Bush administration.

He is going to make noises during his famous address, about fiscal discipline, and balancing the budget, in order to reduce costs brought on by for example a health care policy that doesn’t do enough to control costs and prioritizes deliberately the wealth of the insurance and pharmaceutical cartels despite the added burden to the budget created. He has trillions of dollars for bankers. He doesn’t have any money for green jobs or education or anything that doesn’t correspond to the entitlements of the rich.

He is going to attack the ability of the Federal government to actually the serve the broad American public, in the crudest of political calculations intended to by him cover with the rich and powerful.

Let me ask this: placing aside the need for the Federal government to deal with reality – the domestic decline due to the ongoing class war of our rapacious plutocracy – when does Barack Obama intend to actually represent the great majority of the people who voted for him? Or vice versa? Placing aside his base, when is he going to take on prioritizing the well-being of the many over the privileges of the few?

Seymour Friendly

Seymour Friendly

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