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Obama Embraces Reaganomics

If the reports are right, Obama’s State of the Union will be middle finger to the middle class.

In less than 10 years Obama has gone from liberal community organizer to right wing ideologue. Why doesn’t he just come out and say this "The era of effective government is over, the military industrial complex will rule"

I am not sure how freezing the domestic programs that support the middle class, helps them in anyway.

By all means Mr. President keep increasing the military budget and tell the middle class to put more aside in an IRA.

Obviously the middle class should be putting more of the money they don’t have into an IRA. IRAs were the brainchild of big business. They wanted workers to feel vested in the stock market. If workers felt they had a stake in the stock market they would never vote against a policy that would be detrimental to the big corporations. It has worked perfectly so far. Businesses no longer fund pensions and they get more of the workers money from the IRA investments. A perfect scam that Obama is perpetuating.

If the President really wanted to help the middle class he would push the following policies that would help to increase wages for the middle class:

1. Repeal NAFTA and CAFTA
2. Push for tariffs to protect our domestic manufacturers
3. Push for Single Payer
4. Go back to the Nixon tax brackets
5. Make college free for US citizens

These poilicies would help increase the middle class wages but they would also hurt the corporations bottom line but what do we want as a country? Do we want a strong middle class or more Robber Barons?
None of this will get a second look in an era of Trickle Down Economics or an Obama presidency.

We need to save our republic from Fascism by supporting the middle class despite Obama’s "help".

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