Republican Mike Castle has won enough statewide races in Delaware that the only competition in November who would have given him a legitimate fight was Beau Biden, the son of the Vice President and the state’s Attorney General. But he’s not running, opting instead for Attorney General.

The younger Biden told supporters in an e-mail Monday that he will run for re-election as attorney general rather than seek the Democratic nomination for Senate.

His decision ends months of speculation on whether he would run for the seat his father held for 36 years.

Democrats currently have no opponent for Castle in this blue state. This immediately shoots to the top of the Senate pickups. And this one is fairly inexcusable. Democrats have known since Biden was selected for Vice President in August 2008 that he would need to be replaced in the Senate. Ted Kaufman was selected as a placeholder, with the understanding that he would not seek re-election, in January 2009. A year passed with everyone knowing that Democrats would need to run a replacement for Kaufman. And there’s still no candidate.

Suddenly, losing the Senate to Republicans just got a little bit more possible. Another sign of this – Evan Bayh losing in a trial heat to Mike Pence in Indiana. It would be impossible for me to be sorry to see Bayh go, but that is a perfect example of voters, when given the options of Republican lite and the real thing, going for the real thing every time.

David Dayen

David Dayen