Loyalty has been on my mind today, ever since I caught portions of Morning Joe‘s conversation during the Political Roundtable. Not sure who said it, Joe or Mika or guest Matt Bai or the nonentity from Newsweek, but the consensus seemed to be there is no loyalty anymore…it’s cultural these days not just the political quakes we’re seeing courtesy the teabaggers and other independents.

No loyalty to party, no loyalty to employees or employers or spouses or….well, you get the idea.

So when I came across this commentary, John Hoeven (Opportunist-ND) for US Senate, at North Dakota’s premier political blog, northdecoder.com, I decided to share it with you. Because right now a lot’s being said about Governor John Hoeven’s inevitability to take the Senate seat long held by Byron Dorgan.

But there’s a growing volume of talk about Hoeven’s party-hopping, too. Portraying his fealty to loyalty as the political equivalent of corporate values like companies who’ve gotten all kinds of tax breaks by communities to locate there only to jump borders for cheaper labor, or faux family values like John Edwards or Mark Sanford’s concept of loyalty to their wives.

Whaddya think about Chet’s posit that Hoeven [and perhaps other minority party novices] would rather switch and be powerful than stay in the far reaches of the minority once reality sets in? And should Democrats accept ’em in the fold? Is there a value to loyalty anymore?
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