Jackie SpeierTwo FDL activist call reports indicate Rep. Jackie Speier (CA-12) will not vote for the Senate bill without changes.

Jeff S. from San Francisco called Speier’s office on Friday and was told that Speier “will not vote for the Senate bill in its current form.”

Mike S. reports the same:

Rep. Speier’s aide (at: 650-342-0300) said Speier was now opposed to the Senate’s bill – to which I cheered. Then I requested that Rep. Speier continue the fight in the House for a fair, health reform bill that includes the public option – nothing less will do. I asked that she work with the Progressive Caucus in helping make this a success.

Speier pledged to vote against any bill without a public option, and in response 1,761 people donated $5,773 to thank Speier for her stance. In our previous whip count for the war supplemental, Speier kept her promise to vote against war funding without troop withdrawals.

For keeping her word, Rep. Jackie Speier needs to hear our thanks. You can give her a call in DC at (202) 225-3531, and in San Mateo at (650) 342-0300. Let us know how your calls go with our call reports tool.

And if you haven’t yet, please sign our emergency petition. Tell the House Progressives to stand firm: keep your word and vote “no” on the Senate bill. We’ll deliver the petition early this week.

Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

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