Call Report: Yvette Clarke’s Office Doesn’t Remember Her Pledge To Vote “No”

I’m going over the call reports and I see that staffers for Yvette Clark (NY-11) are saying she is “undecided” as to whether she’ll vote for the Senate bill or not, and that all the calls she’s getting are from people asking her to vote “for” it:

I spoke to someone named Meena, who said that she had fielded a lot of calls over the past few days from people telling Yvette Clarke to vote for the bill as it stands. She said no one had called to say otherwise. She said she would “probably” make a decision one way or the other by Tuesday 1/26.

That’s curious because Clarke is one of 60 Democrats who signed a letter saying she wouldn’t vote for a bill without a public option, and she has said that her constituents very much want one:

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