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Omelet with roasted mushrooms and rosemary by cyclonebill (flickr)

Omelet with roasted mushrooms and rosemary

Time to Get Fit!

Good Morning Pups!

I hope everyone is enjoying the year thus far.  There has been a lot of pain and adversity for many, but I am trying to remain positive.  I have started my bout of trying to lose the rest of my weight and getting healthy.  Rashad will be running around soon and I have to be able to catch him.

I had gastric bypass in 2001, but now have reached a plateau.  I went to a gastric doctor for the first time in years last week and he wants to take a look at what was done to see if it needs to be tightened up.  Shhhhhhh….Jane doesn’t know yet.  He was very positive about my being able to get my health under control and said that I was not in bad shape at all.  (He doesn’t feel my joints when I get up in the morning.)  I’m trying to get ready…2010 is my year!

So, right now I am trying to eat better and be a little more active.  I am not able to exercise much yet; but the more I do, the better.  I figure something is better than nothing.  But, I’d like you to share some healthy dishes or recipes that are quick and easy to make.  The kicker is my diet is supposed to be 70% protein.

What have you all done that has worked for you?  I’m listening…

Pull Up A Chair…

delicious photo courtesy of cyclonebill

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