Lots of sturm und drang about healthcare reform has been flying around Washington and the blogosphere and the media and… well, it truly all comes down to this:

We need reform. Postponing. Delaying. Putting it off until everybody feels all nicey-nicey about what’s in the bill just isn’t going to cut it. I feel strongly about this. I know lots of my friends and fellow bloggers feel vehemently different.

But it’s been six months…and I still remember the haunted faces of caregivers I got to know in Rochester at Mayo’s hospital. How they each worried for their loved ones. How they dreaded the financial toll. I can’t get that out of my mind. There but for the grace of God, for we had good insurance.

Big numbers get thrown around by the chatterers. Too big to absorb…the cost, the number who die uninsured… but how many live? In quiet desperation at the effort just to survive and the unrelenting anxiety of how to pay for treatments and medicines and meanwhile the vampires take their bites: profiteers whose coin is blood.

And then in the quiet of a stormy Saturday morning, a message on the phone. Call me. And it’s a dear friend who needed me to know she hasn’t been in touch lately because she has breast cancer. And surgery’s next week and then….

One person has a story to tell at Josh’s place, too. Please take time—our most precious commodity—to read what he has to say. Because time’s a-wasting.

I’m not so cynical as Josh’s editor’s blog to call his commenter’s words a "sob story." Nor my friend, because I know in my heart she will be fine. Nor myself and my own loss last summer and the people who had their own experiences to share along the way.

These aren’t sob stories. Nor spin. Nor posturing. Save that for the vampire profiteers and politicians and ghoul media enablers. These are our life stories. And just as hard as we fight, for ourselves, for our loved ones for survival, so, too, we must fight for healthcare reform whatever it takes to get it done.

Because the alternative is death.
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UPDATE: After posting this diary, I found emptywheel’s thread posted at FDL. If you haven’t read it yet, find it here. We can’t any of us abandon this effort for healthcare reform, even if we may differ about how best to get there.

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