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Keith Olberman apologizes, why can’t Obama?

Olbermann and Stewart

Rarity in American politics: Jon Stewart calls Keith Olbermann on going over the top, personalizing his politics:

To Olbermann’s credit, he does apologize to Jon Stewart after Stewart’s masterful comedic send up of Olbermann.

So often male politicians believe their manhood is reflected in their politics and will not back down no matter what, will run the project into the ground rather than "lose face."

Obama is on health care where Olbermann was with the over the top, ad hominem reportage that had grown tiresome. A little over the top, devaluing his own currency daily, previously unable to yield to the obvious–nobody likes this anymore. One was able to admit it, course correct and hopefully move forward better informed.

The other seems driven to run the entire operation off of a cliff.

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