Everyone is talking about the TPM reader MD’s letter today. I wanted to share my initial reaction to his plea for support of the Senate bill.

First a couple of portions below:

Current medical treatments can’t save him, but they will give him a few more years before the slow death strips him of his memories, personality and control of his body.

There’s a 50 percent chance the same slow motion death awaits me and each of my three siblings. If I ever lose my job I’ll become uninsurable, permanently. My sister already lost her insurance.

That means whatever treatment is developed for Huntington’s will be unavailable to us. There’s simply no way we could afford it. Not only high tech gene therapies or other interventions, but the medications and treatments that exist now that would buy us enough time to see our kids’ graduations or weddings, and would give them hope of not suffering their grandfather’s fate.

There’s a bill that would mean we’d never be rejected for health insurance or have it canceled. Health insurance that could ease our final years, or maybe even save us.

But liberals are refusing to support it

What bill? I am not at all certain the Senate bill would provide the anti-recision measures he thinks it would. The promise of skyrocketing prices diminishes recision protections a great deal. Virtually every country who has gone through what we think we are trying to do now has lowered healthcare costs 30 percent. Yet we know insurance and pharma, who already rule us with by far the highest prices in the world, are jumping for joy, promising higher. The fate of the Dorgan amendment alone says so much.

What do liberal leaders say to them? What do those liberals tell people like my dad, a die-hard activist Democrat, a UAW member who worked his way through college to become a teacher?

This is happening to a man and his father who probably have better insurance now than most people do, and he wants millions of hard working low income folks like me and his own sister who have no care at all to buy junk insurance, under force of law, from private insurers. Something which would at best put me in a worse financial position than he and his father have ever known and leave me in a worse position were my health to suffer the same fate?

MD presents a false choice with no certainty his solution is a sound one. And he’s asking people to jump into his miserable boat to make things better.

We must have healthcare declared to be a human right and have a strong Public Plan of some sort in our country. Otherwise folks will remain divided, confused and overcharged by ponzi schemers who are writing these bills, and still desperately willing to believe in the wrong solutions in the midst of their own true crisis one at a time.

How dare the Senate, the administration, and their defenders try fooling this man and all the rest of us.

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Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs