Enraged Republicans

The latest propaganda from the New York Times:

A senior Democratic aide said Saturday that House and Senate leaders are considering changes to the Senate bill that could make it acceptable to the House. Under one scenario, Democratic senators would make the agreed-upon fixes using a special budget procedure that requires only 51 votes to overcome Republican delaying tactics.

The House would then pass the Senate bill, sending it to Obama for his signature and allowing the health care remake to become law.

But the aide, who described the discussions on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said no decisions have been made. The strategy would be politically risky because it would enrage Republicans, and the legislation itself lacks strong public support.

The Democrats have a 59-41 majority in the Senate, but they can’t use it to pass legislation because that would "enrage Republicans." Scary!

As for the legislation’s public support, how much support do you need to pass a bill? This Kaiser tracking poll has 54-39% in favor of taking on health care reform right now and about an even split on "the proposals being discussed in Congress," whatever those are supposed to be. We can get into specifics like the fact that on many actual proposals (like say Medicare for All) support is likely to be higher than this, but even blinding ourselves to that, these conclusions are extraordinarily weak.

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