ornjdrankIt’s my brother Kriston Capps‘ birthday tonight, so no blogging. But I notice that Jezebel is being edited by Megan Carpentier and Moe Tkacik this weekend, so nostalgia for lost youth is in the air. (Why they did this I can scarcely imagine, but.) Some highlights from Megan:

Serial woman-killer Anthony Sowell now has memorabilia available for purchase online, including a letter to a wannabe lady-love who wrote him first. Just because you won’t catch him cheating, ladies, doesn’t make him a catch.

Debatable. Some highlights from Moe:

In any case, as this guy could tell you, the downside of the whole lockstep, guns-and-bluster, “You lie!” mendacious certainty in which they seem so universally, energetically inculcated is that it makes “changing one’s mind” almost impossible for a right winger to achieve without diverting all of his/her attention to answering the never-ending accusations of treason. For many I’m sure, the money helps. Though something about Pamela Geller still seems batshit enough that she’d do it for free.

There’s a video of Pamela Geller interviewing Eli Lake (from, what do you know, 2007) that ought to be taught in journalism school for as long as people can still scam youths into attending journalism school. Eli had a lot on his mind during that interview, you can tell.

Anyway: Happy birthday to Kriston Capps. May your days be filled with yelling at people for a full city block when exiting Saloon. For Noble Asgard. Foam.

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman