One less bell to answer, one less poop to scoop

So today, for the first time in thirteen years, I came home to an empty house. No frantic dancing around my feet threatening to trip me, no barking or excited yelping, no put down my stuff and turn right around and go for a walk. Just…. quiet.

It sucked.

Fenway is on his way home from his veterinary stay.  He’s not out of the woods yet, but they got him to eat finally (Gerbers baby food) and they got some liquids in him too. He seems fine, but we know that he’s not and, in light of what happened to Beckham, our vet is being very aggressive in treating him. There is no evidence of poisoning or anything like that, but we’re still kind of in the dark. He’s a strong (some may say too strong) young dog and we are very encouraged.

Since I’m not in any frame of mind to head back to Snarkville (population: me) and since it’s the weekend, I thought I’d put up a montage, just like those ones at the Academy Awards, in honor of the late great Beckham. I specifically narrowed the pictures down to Beckham shots only because this is still his time.

Please don’t feel the need to pass on your condolences. We are very grateful to everyone …even if you all made us cry a whole lot more with your outpouring of love. I really had no idea how big a thing Thursday Basset Blogging had become. Hopefully we will pick it up again next week and it will be a much happier occasion.

Picture below the fold (click read more).

Also, for those new around here, the explanation of Green Beckham can be found here.

Goodbye, little buddy.

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