After Morning Mea Culpa, John Edwards Heads for Haiti


Yes, Quinn is my kid. Now I’m gonna do good works. How Mr. Hester Prynne.

After he finally admitted Rielle Hunter’s daughter Quinn was his loinfruit (duh) this morning on NBC, John Edwards landed in Haiti this afternoon and told CBS News that he had come with a group of 25 to 30 people, including doctors, and had brought supplies and medicine in an effort to

help in whatever way we can. We’re going to do a variety of things, we’re gonna get our intelligence, make sure we know where the medicine needs to go, which facilities can do the most good, where are other supplies – generators, food, water, water purifiers, where they can go and be distributed in the best way. And we’re gonna figure out which places the physicians can provide the most help. Once we do all that, we’re also gonna go to some places, for example, some of the street schools that we’ve been involved with in the past, that we understand have been destroyed, to see what rebuilding needs to start.

It may be genuine, but it feels like showboating his guilty conscience. And he’s lied for such a long time about Rielle, about Quinn…I would love to believe that at his core he is a decent guy who just got caught up in bad behavior, and spent time playing CYA but he feels sleazy and cowardly.

I wish he had just manned up early on and told the whole truth. And used a condom. The half truths and lies made him look so much worse. As did the Dave Matthews Band rooftop wedding promise. Ugh.

But America loves nothing more than a redemption.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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