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ProtectMarriage’s Andy Pugno: Marriage is Like Prison

Well, no wonder they don’t want to share the sanctity of their opposite marriage with Teh Ghey: the quickest analogy that springs to mind when asked for another public institution that legally treats men and women differently is prison.

The reporter is here following up on Mayor Jerry Sanders’ remark earlier in the day that America needs to stop treating people differently when it comes to marriage. That we need to stop having a legal distinction about the gender of the person someone can love and marry.

Asked what other American public institution allows such disparate treatment of men and women, General Counsel Andy Pugno goes right to prison guards. Apparently because Mr Pugno thinks prison guards are legally sex-segregated in our sex-segregated prisons, then marriage is like prison in its differentiation between men and women.

No wonder they don’t want to share!

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge