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Prop 8: Perry v. Schwarzenegger – Day Seven (Part 2)

prop.large[Ed. Note: FDL has complete team coverage of Perry v. Schwarzenegger–including more legal analysis, court documents, videos, and liveblogging direct from the federal court in San Francisco. You can find it all on our dedicated Prop 8 page.]

Presuming that testimony will begin with Plaintiffs’ witness Ryan Kendall who will testify to his personal experience at having been forced into “conversion” therapy by his parents when he came out to them as gay.

David Boies will lead this direct examination.

Kendall: I am an NCIC agent, it is a database maintained by the FBI. I have a secure clearance for this work.

Q: When born?
A: 1983
Q 26 yo?
A Yes
Q: School?
A: Evangelical Christian University
Q: How did you hear about homosexuality?
A: Prop 2 in Colorado where I was raised
Q: Did your family talk about it?
A: Yes, it was very scary, homosexuality was wrong and evil and threatened our family, my parents said.
Q: What is your sexual orientation?
A: I am a gay man
Q: How long have you known that
A: Since i was 12 yo
Q: How did you feel when you realized that you were gay?
A:and what your family and community did NOT like this concept, so I kept it a secret, hidden away from everyone.
Q: What names were you called?
A: Homo, faggot, queer
Q: What else happened
A: Played keep away with my glasses and broke them
Q: What was it like being in that Christian school?
A: They were taunting me with a word that was so close to the truth. My parents changed schools
Q: When did your parents find out you were gay?
A: My parents discovered my journal when i was 13
Q; What happened
A; My parents flipped out, they yelled, it was pretty scary the way they reacted.
Q: Do you remember anything they said?
A: My mom said I was going to burn in hell
Q: Was your family religious?
A: Yes, church was a big part of our lives
Q: How did you feel when your mom said that?
A: I was totally stunnned.

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Teddy Partridge