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President Fierce Advocate Appears at the Prop 8 Trial

President Barack Obama came up at the Prop 8 trial today, in his persona as President Fierce Advocate for LGBT rights. In a discussion, specifically, of the reliability and dependability of LGBT allies in empowering the LGBT community to achieve its aims and goals.

The appearance was not flattering.

A: An enduring trope is that gays are a threat to children. One campaign ad, young girl was told she could marry a princess too. "If Prop 8 fails, the public schools are going to turn my daughter into a lesbian." Strong taboo against portrayal of G&L as anything but pathological. Not even neutral, but always bad. This lowers the familiarity of the public to the contribution of G&Ls to society.

Q: how affect political power?
A: Demeans, and not taken as seriously. Not seen as desirable coalition partners. Easy to target non-contributors.

Q; what about allies?
A: It’s nice to have allies, and it’s great if they are reliable. Many times allies retreat, or their rhetoric exceeds the actions they actually take. Of church, military, government, political parties only the Democratic party favors G&Ls but DOMA under Democratic president, DADT under democratic president and NOW WE HAVE:

PRESIDENT FIERCE ADVOCATE!~~~ with his ninth circuit briefs against G&Ls comparing them to bestiality, and proposing nothing to benefit gays and lesbians except Hate Crimes which is an amelioration not a benefit

Q: Are there reliable allies
A: YEs, look across the country, the number of allies in a tough fight is very small but not zero.

Q: is that number sufficient to get them power

We now have expert testimony in federal court that supports the general view throughout the progressive LGBT community and especially the view of newer and online activists, that President Barack Obama is not a reliable or dependable ally in the fight against LGBT discrimation. And that the nature of his, and others’, unreliability is harmful to the LGBT community.

His occasional and sometime advocacy, fierce though it may be, might be worse than none at all.

It isn’t just bad news that the Obama Administration won’t move forward on the issues he promised during and after the campaign. Worse than that, actually, is the public disrespect that can be inferred from this appreach. If a politician who proclaims himself a "fierce advocate" for our rights can discard our priorities as soon as he is elected, what is going to move less fierce advocates in our direction? And this dismissal of our priorities directly empowers those who are engaged in the fight against us.

With this kind of fierce advocacy, in other words, who needs enemies? If LGBTs are an interest group whose civil rights can be so casually set aside, and if we stand for it without complaint or challenge — why would anyone fight on our behalf?

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge