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Health Care Insanity

I have thought a lot about how we have gotten to this point in the healthcare debate. I am still completey baffled with the reasons why republicans and democrats have switched roles in this debate. My lack of understanding could easily be a "me" problem but I still wanted to throw out my thought process on the health care debate from my logic 101 perscpective.

During the presidential campaign the healthcare debate went something like this:

1. McCain runs on an individual mandate
2. Obama runs on no individual mandate but with a public option
3. Democrats call McCains individual mandate a horrible idea
4. Republicans are tired of supporting the poor and want to force them to buy insurance
5. Obama Wins!!!!!

Then after the election this happens:
6. Insurance companies pay democrats and Obama millions to install a mandate and take out the public option
7. Republicans campaign against the health care bill which has an individual mandate and no public option
8. Democrats run on passing health care bill with an individual mandate
9. The Republicans pick insurance and drug company canadites to run in New Jersey and Mass. and they campaign against the individual mandate

Guess who wins these elections?????

We are supposed to believe democrats lost in Mass. because the progressives didn’t vote but at the same time the pundits think the democrats need to move right. If the democrats just wanted to pass this healthcare bill why didn’t they elect McCain?

Are all the democrats completely bat shit crazy?

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