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Disaster Capitalists And The Unintended Consequences Of War

I’ve seen a lot written about the outrage private armies, mercenaries euphemistically called contractors, who bear no resemblance to the lovable Tooltime Tim, shooting up town squares and killing civilians indiscriminately. Yeah, that’s sorta bad.

And I’ve seen stories about a woman getting gang raped, locked in storage containers for days without water and contractually forbidden from suing her employers. That’s really bad.

Not to mention the billions of dollars vanished into pockets of the unaccountable.

But there is another story of which I have heard, and I wonder if it is bullshit, or is there anyone that can confirm this practice continues today.

I have a friend from Bosnia who was there during the conflict and won his passage to America by directing UN troops. And things were pretty horrible in Bosnia, according to my friend. But, as bad as the ethnic cleansing were, one thing he told me bothered him even over his hatred of Serbs.

According to my friend wealthy people with small private "special forces" units would enter the war zone for the specific purpose of hunting people. Groups with no dog in the fight whatsoever would hunt people for the mere sport of it.

Sounds like a really bad movie plot, or crazy campfire talk on the outskirts of a skirmish. But I was wondering, has anyone else heard of such a thing or have evidence of this really happening?

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