Follow that lemming. He seems to know where he is going

The is a lemming. Not to be confused with a rat-faced weasel which is known as a LiebermanJoe Lieberman, who is America’s Most Important Senator, thinks there is a lesson to be learned because  that awful-at-campaigning Massachusetts lady is (possibly/for sure)  losing out to a man who is continually naked beneath his clothes  which, we hear tell, gives Sally Quinn ladywood:

Eager to prove that the Democratic Party left him and not the other way around, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) urged his colleagues on Tuesday to move to the “center” following a humbling Senate race in Massachusetts.

“I think the message is from the voters of Massachusetts that people are anxious about the future and they’re unhappy about what’s happening in Washington,” said the Connecticut Independent Democrat, during an interview on Fox News. “They’re anxious about the economy, the continued high unemployment. They don’t like all the partisanship and deal-making here in Washington. And they’re really skeptical about the health care bill.”

“So this is going to be a loud message from Massachusetts and whether it’s right or wrong, I was impressed again by one of the national polls I saw yesterday that said two things; one is opposition to health care reform is very large among independents, unregistered with the party voters, and Massachusetts is thought of as a blue state and it generally does vote Democratic but almost 50% of the voters are unaffiliated so they’ve got the liberty to…”

And, it just so happens that Joe Lieberman is skeptical of the health care bill and all of that partisany deal making such and such stuff. So Joe Lieberman is just like America! Not that America is particularly happy about that.

And how is that working out for you Joe?

In a two-way race with second-term Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy, Lieberman trails Murphy by a 45%-26% margin. In a three-way race with Gov. Jodi Rell, who is retiring this year, Rell comes in first with 47%, with Murphy in a distant second at 25%, and Lieberman with 23%.

Two weeks ago, a survey from Public Policy Polling (D) found that Lieberman had alienated every partisan group in the state — Democrats, Republicans and independents — by both weakening progressive efforts on the health care bill but ultimately voting for the Senate bill itself.

For those keeping score at home, Joe Lieberman is in third first place.


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