It is very important that progressives help defeat Coakley. Please read my explanation. The more power the folks in the Democratic Corporate Suck Up wing of the party gain, the more we will have to fight to make the party move to the left. I do not think that many progressive Democrats understand that putting such people as Coakley into power is worse than having a Republican in the seat. Just being in the Democratic Party does not and will not ensure a progressive agenda. Do you not see that? So, if you get her into the seat, what makes you think she will be any better than Lincoln, or Nelson, or Lieberman! It will, in fact, ensure that there will be NO progressive agenda. It was not the Republicans who failed us of late. It was the Democrats. We will never succeed as long as the Dem’s can talk liberal and vote corporate.

The idea that we do this to ‘send a message’ is wrong. They know the message. The idea is to not support candidates who will not support our agenda. The idea is to not feed the very beast we are fighting. It is not the Party which we fight for, it is progressive ideas. Think about what the Dem’s have actually voted for in the last year. How much of it was really any different than the Republicans? We cannot just give the Dem’s power for power’s sake. You must please realize that, as in 1994, we will lose both houses of Congress if we do not stick to our principles. I beg you to see and understand this. I am 59 years old and I saw Clinton sell out to corporate power. He managed to stay in power but he destroyed the Democratic Party. Do Not Let It Happen Again!

Just ask yourself why you vote for Democrats in the first place. It can’t be that you simply like the name.

As Rahm Emanuel and others in the Democratic Party have said, ‘…don’t worry about the left. They will fall in line….they have no choice.’ But we do! Until the powers at the top of the party realize that we cannot be taken for granted, this kind of sell out will never change. Never. Never.

Do you want to end up fighting the huge piles of money which will ensure corporate candidate invincibility in the Democratic primaries? If we do not stop it now, that is exactly what will happen. And, as in 1994, independent voters will not vote for Democrats. Hell, many Democrats will not vote for Democrats! How do I know this? Because I am a Democrat. And if things do not change, I will not vote for Democrats.

We do have a choice. Don’t limit your choices further.
Please folks, wake up!

Gregory Martin

Gregory Martin

Gregory Martin