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Pissed Off Enough Yet?

You know, the mendacity is just killing me.

“Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs issued what it called a clarification of statements by its chairman and chief executive officer, Lloyd Blankfein, at Wednesday’s opening hearing. [TobyNote: Oh yes, Blankfein – the guy who claimed G-S was ‘doing God’s work’. Yep. That’s the guy.]

Asked about Goldman’s secret bets against the housing market while it sold $40 billion in risky mortgage securities in 2006 and 2007, Blankfein said he thought “that the behavior is improper, and we regret the result — the consequence that people have lost money in it.”

On Thursday, Goldman said that Blankfein had “said no such thing” and that the question was “predicated on the assumption that a firm was selling a product that it thought was going to default” and in that case, “the practice would be improper.”

“No, he didn’t say that”

Blankfein’s statement (and the G-S walkback) shows what delusional, arrogant, classist assholes Blankfein and his buddies are. “..that people have lost money in it.”

Lost money in it? Is that all it was? When you say ‘lost money’ that is one thing; when you say ‘lost money IN IT’, the whole thing becomes something else entirely. To Blankfein et al. it was all some sort of investment game being played by people they knew – people who could afford to play.

I get it…what he regrets is that the individuals in HIS world, those creatures that HE considers to be ‘people’ lost money.

He has no clue that there are millions of other creatures that do not live in HIS world – to him they are not ‘people’, who have lost homes, jobs, members of families, have committed suicide, cannot pay for medical care of any sort, are in bankruptcy, are no longer and never will be again in the middle class, whose very lives as they (and their children) have known them have ended — because he and his puffed up buddies sold $40 billion in risky mortgage securities and helped to bring the entire flaming economy to its knees.

I have absolutely no compassion for Blankfein and his friends. And if they don’t understand why the other 99.9% of the US population isn’t in sympathy with their horrid plight, well, then that is a problem.

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