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Speaking from experience

Here is what Bill Clinton said that made Jonah think about, well, actually the kind of thing he thinks about all of the time anyway:

Bill Clinton, the United Nations Special Envoy to Haiti this morning on Meet the Press:

FMR. PRES. CLINTON: Well, I think that when something like this happens inside the United States we act in the same way. I, I think that it reminds us of our common humanity. It reminds us of needs that go beyond fleeting disagreements. Whatever our policy disputes are don’t seem to matter much when people are dying and hungry and sick. And I think it’s just a natural human response. Just as people’s disagreements are natural human response and, in normal times, can be healthy. It, it wouldn’t be healthy for America if, if, in normal times, we had no political debates. And it would be perverse if, in a time like this, we let lesser matters keep us from joining hands.

Bill Clinton yesterday, however, stumped for Martha Coakley on the grounds that she — and only she — represented “good governance” and without that “good governance” Haiti would suffer.

So, you know: blow job.

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