So President Obama is racing up to Boston to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, having belatedly discovered that governing like a Republican when you ran as a Democrat has made fellow Democrats as popular as crabs in a whorehouse. Smooth move. Watch Republicans crow when she loses, and declare his Presidency over. I’ve got news… it’s been over for quite some time; really before it started. From the FISA cave to a health care bill that might have been written by Bush himself, Obama hasn’t undone anything Bush did that matters, nor does he appear to plan to. I used to think he would be like Clinton, a moderate Republican with good political instincts, but he’s not. The only mystery to me is what, pray tell, the teabaggers can find to dislike at this point.

The wars have not only not stopped but escalated. Torture has become as American as apple pie. Secrecy is being defended just as fanatically in court, and illegal imprisonment, warrantless spying, and absurd invasions of privacy continue. The Bush tax cuts remain holy writ, the deficits blossom, and the military budget grows like topsy. Gay Americans still can neither serve openly in the military nor look forward to any movement on the federal level toward marriage equality. The “too big to fail” banks are larger and even more arrogant, and gutting “entitlements” like Social Security and Medicare is more likely than Bush could have ever hoped. Why, In Heaven’s name, would Democrats reward such behavior with their votes?

As Obama’s approval ratings continue to plummet, deservedly so, he thinks his magic presence will save a lackluster candidate from defeat at the hands of a teabagger centerfold. Good luck with that. If I were Coakley, I’d say, “Stay home.” She’d probably win if she did.

Republicans will naturally declare the loss of Teddy Kennedy’s seat to be a harbinger of things to come, and they’re probably right. They understand, as Democrats don’t, that once in office you actually have to DO SOMETHING if you want to stay there. Obama and Coakley seem to think this is some kind of myth. I guess Bush wasn’t bad enough for Democrats to clue in to the idea that Republicans have to be defeated because of the damage their policies inflict on all but the richest Americans, and reversing that dysfunction, utterly, is the only way Americans will see beyond the bleatings of the right-loving mainstream media to relegate them to the irrelevancy they have so richly earned.

And you don’t do that by being just like them. The 60 seat majority that supposedly makes Coakley’s seat meaningful is nothing but a pile of garbage with Joe Lieberman sitting on top. You know, the guy Obama campaigned for back in 2006……

I am as disheartened as any other liberal would be by this revolting development, but Obama has done it to himself, his own party, and America, and this loss, should it occur, is probably his last wakeup call before he becomes the irrelevant one-termer he seems determined to be. Hell, if I weren’t so cheap, I’d give some money to the Brown campaign.