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Norton Leads Both Dems In New Poll

Well it is campaign season again. One of the races that is going to get a lot of attention is Sen. Michael Bennet’s attempt to hang on to the seat that retiring Governor Ritter appointed him too. We already have a pretty good idea who the Republican will be in this race, but there is some doubt if Sen. Bennet will have the support of the Democratic Party in the form of its nomination. Former Speaker of House Andrew Romanoff is also running for this nomination.

Today Rasmussen Reports has a new poll out on the Colorado Senate race that has some interesting things to say about it.

Now, with Rasmussen you have to grab for the salt-shaker. They are a Republican outfit and there have been claims that their likely voter model tends to over sample Republicans. That said, Nate Silver over at ranks them with a pretty low amount of pollster induced error. In any case, those are all things for you to weigh, the Dog is just making sure he does not leave you guessing.

In the poll, former Lt. Governor is up against both Sen. Bennet and Speaker Romanoff by double digits. This is not particularly surprising as she has won a statewide election before and has been going around the state stoking the kind of fear and anti-government feeling that only a Colorado Republican can.

One thing of interest in the race is the increase in Romanoff’s Strongly Approve numbers. He has gone from 3% -to 10% to 17% strongly approve. He has passed Sen. Bennet in this category, though they are quite close in overall approval/disapproval numbers with Sen. Bennet getting 42/40 and Speaker Romanoff getting 40/36.

Where the big difference comes is in the Not Sure category. These would mainly be people who had not really heard of the candidate or had not formed an opinion. Sen. Bennet has a 19% Not Sure compared to Speaker Romanoff’s 25%. This shows an opportunity and a weakness for the former Speaker. Right now, there is a large group of voters who have not formed an opinion of him, good or bad. This points up the need for him to get a lot more statewide exposure, but it also allows him room to grow in their opinion.

It is really early, but right now the race overall looks like Lt. Governor Norton’s to lose. This is likely to change over time, but with the fact that Sen. Bennet has only received one vote in his entire political career (Gov. Ritter) and the anti-incumbent mood of the nation, this is going to be a hell of a knock-down drag out fight. Stay tuned fight fans; this one is just getting started.

The floor is yours.

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Bill Egnor

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