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Media incompetence, explained in a few seconds

bill-Mauldin-Lincoln-memorial_thumbRecently we viewed George Stephanopoulos interviewing Rudy Giuliani and not following up on the latter’s claim about who was President during 9/11. Our jaws slackened until we looked like a Limbaugh-listener or Leno-viewer (I’m with you CoCo!). Anyway, maybe such rank malfeasance is not all malevolence perhaps it just comes with the vacuous territory?

Yesterday morning, on America’s favorite source for Pat Buchanan appearances outside of a glass booth Morning Joe there was a discussion of how Sarah Palin took a few minutes to come up with any founder for Glenn Beck to misrepresent before she finally thought of “Washington!” (think she could have thought of another on camera if given a week?).

There was general passive/aggressive merriment…and then Buchanan and ever vigilant Palin defender Mike Mika Brzezinski discussed their favorite founders (will no one ever mention Button Gwinnett?):

Buchanan chimed in, “I would’ve gone with Hamilton, myself, Joe.” Shortly thereafter Brzezinski said from off-camera, “Me, Linc-, Lincoln, but okay.”

If she lives four score and seven years, she should not be allowed to forget that one.

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