If you know someone in Massachusetts who hasn’t yet committed to VOTE for Coakley, I’m beggin’ you…call them now. Don’t wait for a group to do organized calling… you do it.

Because we can’t afford to let the last term of Edward Kennedy be upended and totally turned 180 backward by the Republican candidate for his seat in the Senate.

Health care reform is on the line.

A Democratic loss in Massachusetts will set back not only health care reform, but the banksters of Wall Street are just slavering at the opportunity to buy themselves another senator and stop financial reform right in its tracks, too. The Bush eight years of destruction weren’t enough for them, they want to keep right on pillaging and plundering the American middle class.

We can sort out later who got us in such a mess that the whole nation will suffer if Democratic doldrums and independent antipathy keep the voters away. We can’t afford to squander any more.

This is triage time.

Don’t wait for someone else to do it. You know what a mess the healthcare system is. It has to be fixed. And if the patient doesn’t survive, all the arguing in the world over what the best medicine is won’t mean a damned thing.

Call your friends and family in Massachusetts now and get their promise to vote for Coakley on Tuesday.

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