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New ACLU Torture FOIA Docs Working Thread

There are new documents in at the ACLU from their ongoing FOIA effort on the torture tape destruction matter. Here is the ACLU press release with link:

We’ve received some new documents in our DoD torture FOIA lawsuit, related to the CIA’s destruction of interrogation videotapes. They are posted here:, at the end of the section titled Documents Relating to CIA Contempt, with the date of 01/08/2010.

One thing we found interesting – there are a number of documents that focus on “lessons for the future,” some of those from as early as 8/2002, as though the documents memorialize what the CIA is learning as its interrogation program marches on.

Jeff Kaye has already spotted this one:

I think this is first evidence of actual approval from HQ for tape
destruction. Compare this with previous ACLU timeline (as of 11/09):

We knew about the 11/8 request, but not that permission was granted on
that day. If I’m wrong about this, please set me straight.

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