The best and the brightest…and then there are the people that Tucker Carlson hired

I think it is becoming fairly apparent that the interview process for landing a job at Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller consisted of the ability to achieve a reasonable facsimile of an erection at the sound of Ronald Reagan’s name and, possibly, owning your own laptop. So I was very pleased to see that  Carlson used, like, $2 million of that start-up money to snag Award Winning  mini-journalist Mathew Vadum.

For those not familiar with Vadum’s oeuvre, he  famously exposed the ACORN/community organizers crack cartel as well as blowing the lid off of the NBC “Bite me Jew boy!” emails which were a lot like the Pentagon Papers except not. So, serious player, y’all.

Obviously this was a morale hire intended to give the former Washington Times writers on the Daily Caller staff someone to look down upon.

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