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Prop 8 trial day 3: we have 'Will and Grace' and 'Brokeback Mountain' – gay discrimination is over

I sh*t you not; this is a descent into madness. Over at LGBT POV, what went on this AM. Karen Ocamb received an email from Marriage Equality USA’s Davina Kotulski.

Thompson, the smug attorney for the Proponents of Prop 8, is taking the position that gays are not being discriminated against any more and so that cannot be the reason that Prop 8 passed.

He makes a point and then asks Professor Chauncey if that is correct.

He’s mentioning Will and Grace, the movie Philadelphia, and Brokeback Mountain as evidence that LGBT people are not being discriminated again.


Did I miss something? Nancy Pelosi is our fierce advocate?
Thompson says she is.

Thompson-“Homosexuals couldn’t get hearings in the 1950s, but today you have Barney Frank and he’s a powerful ally of gays and lesbians, correct?”

Thompson, “You have AIDS funding, isn’t that important to gays and lesbians, correct?”

Thompson, “Thousands of employers have non-discrimination policies,

You have to go read the rest.

UPDATE: I just received a note from Karen, who wanted to put this meltdown of the defense into wildly irrational justifications for discrimination into historical context. This is a video Karen references in her latest post.

After the federal Prop 8 trial ended Tuesday afternoon, Stuart Milk, nephew of the assassinated San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, reminded me that so many of the antigay arguments used by proponents of the Brigg’s Initiative in 1977/78 are similar to those used by the Prop 8 proponents today, namely that children must be “protected” from gay people. Click here for my interview with Stuart when his uncle was inducted in the California Hall of Fame. Here’s Harvey in 1978″

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