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Mormon false flag PR op?

The latest from Utah’s ABC4:

Mormon church documents headed to Prop 8 trial

“ABC 4 News is … being told that copies of these documents were sent by special courier to the [San Francisco] City Attorney’s office [co-counsel in the California federal case] and they were sent in just the last few days.”

And now the latest from California’s CBS13:With federal Prop 8 trial under way, cue Mormon PR stunts

OK, admittedly, that’s not the headline that CBS13 used for this story.  But just maybe it should’ve been.

Aaron Call is the Mormon kid in the clip.  Here’s his brother:

“If one group can claim racism, or sexual discrimination, then another can claim religious discrimination.

Case in point, the story of Rebekah Rice (my wife’s cousin). She was being teased in class when one of her classmates found out she is Mormon.

They said: ‘So, how many moms do you have?’

Her response: ‘That’s so gay.’

Guess who got punished?”

Whiners with an ax to grind.  

Vandalism is wrong and should always be condemned, but I’m calling false flag PR op.  Anybody from LDS Public Affairs wanna step up and deny it?  Sonja?  Bart?  Glen?  Kim?

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