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Air War Begins In Earnest In Massachusetts As Senate Race Goes To Final Week

The surprisingly close race in Massachusetts to fill the seat of the late Ted Kennedy featured a new round of attack ads today, with Martha Coakley’s supporters finally getting on the air and trying to drive up Scott Brown’s negatives.

The DSCC, the campaign arm of Senate Democrats, has a negative ad out about Brown, where they use Brown’s selling point against him – that he “wants to be the deciding vote to kill Ted Kennedy’s health care legislation.”

The SEIU, which supported Coakley in the primary, also released a negative ad on Brown, saying that he voted in the State Senate with Republicans 96% of the time, and that he’s supported by “the same extremist group that backed Sarah Palin.”

The AFL-CIO, which has over 350,000 union members in the state, has sent two mailers, one positive about Coakley and one negative about Brown. They plan to be active in GOTV efforts, with “tens of thousands” of volunteers working from now until the election, according to a spokesman.

Democrats should have a major GOTV advantage, and Coakley showed in the primary that she could turn out her voters. Nevertheless, national Dems are leaving nothing to chance.

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David Dayen

David Dayen