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Spams R Us (Urgent you reply)

while writing poems
I noted some irregularities
in my flow of world view

when did these wars begin?
and how the hell did I manage
to run up such a debt?

so I’m writing to you dear friend
to let you know that 5 million poems,
that’s 5 Million AMERICAN Poems,
are now available in a bank vault
in the tiny nation of WhatsitLand
waiting to be claimed immediately
by a person of imaginative discretion

all I require in giving out this treasure
is assurances from you that said poems
be used in a manner that stabilizes
the current political and economic chaos
creating a climate of peace and prosperity
in which poets can work on bigger issues
such as the meaning of life perhaps and hot sex
in the jungle with Pastor Melissa Scott

please respond by filing out the form below
if these poems go unclaimed many will die

remember these poems are certified American poems
not subject to the rules of international law
nor the conventions of the isms now in play

I’ll await your reply while #5 million & 1
is processed into an interest bearing account

please forward this to at least 10 people
you may know who are trustworthy to keep secret
a transaction of this magnitude from forces
who would use these poems to enslave others

thank you

Peter Buknatski
Montpelier, Vt.

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