I’m sitting in a US 9th Circuit courtroom in Pasadena with a few stragglers watching a simulcast video feed of the Prop 8 trial, set to begin momentarily. The local news reporters are pushing some unconfirmed reports that Judge Anthony Kennedy has put a stop to the simulcasting of the trial, but right now I’m looking at it. News orgs are frequently wrong.

More when it begins at 8:30am Pacific time.

Legal Times says there has been no ruling, either.

UPDATE: The feed has just been pulled here in Pasadena. MSNBC is reporting on Twitter that Justice Kennedy has granted the stay. Damn.

The Washington Post is reporting the same; the wireless is really bad here but I’m trying to access the story. Apparently it was a ruling of the full SCOTUS, not just Kennedy. It seems really indefensible to me, but I’m just a mere mortal.

David Dayen

David Dayen