judge_gavel.jpgPer MSNBC—The United States Supreme Court has overruled Judge Vaughn Walker, moving to prevent cameras from recording the proceedings in Perry v. Schwarzenegger for later-in-the-day distribution on YouTube.

According to the report, the Court’s order will be in place at least until Wednesday.

UPDATE: Justice Kennedy would be the “hot judge” for the 9th Circuit—the appeals court that had previously ruled that Judge Walker’s ruling could stand—but it appears that this matter might have taken up by the whole Supreme Court, as the Washington Post version of this story includes a note that Justice Breyer would have let the broadcasts continue pending the High Court’s final decision.

UPDATE 2: From Teddy (who is on site in SF):

Per Legal Times, SCOTUS issued a temporary stay in effect until Wednesday at 4pm. Whether this means the court will revisit the issue is unclear.

The temporary stay of Judge Vaughn Walker’s plan to record the trial and post it on YouTube is in effect until Wednesday at 4 p.m. (EST). The Court said this would permit further consideration by the justices of what has become a very controversial issue. Justice Stephen Breyer dissented saying that the stay prohibits the transmission of the trial proceedings to other federal courthouses. “In my view, the Court’s standard for granting a stay is not met. In particular, the papers filed, in my view, do not show a likelihood of ‘irreparable harm.'” Breyer added that he was pleased that the stay is time limited because he agreed that further consideration is warranted.

UPDATE 3: From David Dayen at the Pasadena remote site for the trial:

The feed has just been pulled here in Pasadena. MSNBC is reporting on Twitter that Justice Kennedy has granted the stay. Damn.

The Washington Post is reporting the same. . . .

But, have no fear, FDL is here–and Teddy Partridge is there, in the courtroom, liveblogging it all.

Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine