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Teamsters Beat the Vampire Squid – Taking Care of Their Own

I just heard a man on Washington Journal say to the guest pollsters propagandists/marketers and to the host, "What is wrong with the idea of unions? What is wrong with the idea of helping your brother?" The answer is "nothing" and the Teamsters proved that they still have it within themselves to protect their own by saving 30,000 jobs.
If you are going to have to choose feudal lords, I’ll pick James Hoffa over Robert Rubin any day. The Teamsters cleaned up their own house and now are determined to grow and in the process show us the way out of the grasp of the vampire squid. (Thanks, Matt Taibbi).

Alexander Cockburn over at the invaluable (please subscribe) "Counterpunch" has the story on "How The Teamsters Beat Goldman Sachs"

In the midst of all the Kabuki theater of the health care bill and its latest atrocity, the tax on workers’ decent Chevy/Ford pickup health care plans, we must not lose sight of the thievery that continues as Wall Street sucks our life’s blood. Credit Default Swaps are just bets in this casino society. And these blood suckers are betting against the American people.

Hedge fund entrepreneur David Einhorn had strong words for the evil practice called "basic packaging" where some of the bondholders of the company do not have the best interests of the company at heart, but have bet against the company. They bet it will go bankrupt and then help it along. That sounds kind of illegal, but I guess it’s not anymore. Einhorn at an investors’ convention said:

“trying to make safer CDS is like trying to make safer asbestos. How many real businesses have to fail before policy makers decide to simply ban them?”

Read this short and inspiring tale of a family that is trying to take care of its brothers and sisters.

Footnote: On same Washington Journal, the host says a typical clueless Washington cocktail weenie remark. He thanks Peter Bart, the "Democratic" pollster for moving his tennis game to be on the show. This is in the midst of discussing how angry and upset the Americans he polled were on the state of America. Clueless in a nutshell. (Bill McInturff was the "Republican" pollster).

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