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Pull Up a Chair

Exercise-by-.-C.-RojasThe Party’s Over…

Good Morning Pups!  Okay, I had two weeks back to back with two holidays and I am missing that break already!  You know I had no understanding when I came back to my mountain of work.  Such is Life.

As I was working on my pile this week, it became harder and harder to remember the promises I made to myself for the new year.  I know, that’s sad,  and we are still in the first week! 

So, I had to slow down and realize…hey, laugh more, play more, love more….remember that?  I think I’m good now.  Moderation, that’s the word for the year.

I think I enjoyed the holidays a little too much.  It feels like I put on a few extra pounds that must come off quickly.  Any ideas? 

How has your first week of 2010 been?

Pull Up A Chair…

(image courtesy of J. C. Rojas)


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