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WasProp8Straight website up about possible fraud

A new analysis of independent exit polls conducted in L.A. County at the November 2008 election indicates significant likelihood that the official vote counts are incorrect. It is indeed possible that the California state constitution was amended to strip marriage rights of some of the state's people as a result of vote counts that were incorrect and possibly even fraudulent.

The polling was conducted by election integrity group Protect California Ballots in conjunction with Election Defense Alliance and Analysis of the poll results performed by Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D., best known for his investigation of the 2004 presidential election in Ohio, was recently completed.

The exit poll methodology used, called an Election Verification Exit Poll (EVEP) is different from the typical exit poll. While the better-known polls conducted by such organizations as Edison-Mitofsky are used to predict election results for the entire area voting on a particular office or ballot question, EVEP is used exclusively to measure the accuracy of the vote counts in the specific locations where the polls are conducted. See the FAQ page and the study itself  for more information about the EVEP methodology.

As the introduction to the study says,
 "This report is meant as a warning."
The exit poll results alone are not sufficient to prove fraud. The results are strong enough, however, to justify a meticulous investigation into whether or not the votes were counted properly in L.A. county and beyond.

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