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Please Butt Out of the NY Senate Race, Harold Ford!

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Harold Ford should butt out because he wouldn't represent even moderate values in the Senate . Does NY want to send someone who voted for the Federal Marriage Amendment, opposes repeal of DADT and the Uniting American Families Act, and wants to control the wombs of women? What good is adding a Black face to the Senate when he rolls by bringing further division into the political discourse as a selling point? — Pam

Harold Ford, who has won himself a reputation as a relatively conservative congressman now wants to challenge US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who is liberal and whom the Governor of New York named as interim US Senator when Hillary Clinton took the post of Secretary of State.

Harold Ford says,

It's good to have credible candidates explore this race.

In this case, that's not true in the plural. What the US Senate needs is more women senators and more Black senators, which necessarily means that white men can no longer constitute 78% of the US Senate while constituting 30% or so of the US popululation.

Harold Ford running for office in New York will not help to address that problem because, if successful, his campaign would replace one white woman with one Black man while leaving the overwhelming predominance of white men unchanged.

Instead, Harold Ford should take on one of the white male candidates who only holds his seat because of the white male supremacy paradigm.

Meanwhile, a win by Ford over Hillibrand, even IF he succeeded, would do nothing but pit one sociological minority (women) against another (Blacks).

With so many white men in the US Senate, many of whom would never have won office if women and minorities were allowed to compete equally, can't Harold Ford find just one such white man in a state where Ford has a good change to win? If he can't pick off a white man somewhere else, then he probably can't beat Hillibrand either. And the bloodletting within the Democratic Party (women vs. Blacks just repeats the Obama/Clinton conundrum) will only distract us from our primary goals of increasing the representation of women and Blacks and holding onto the filibuster-proof majority in the US Senate while maintaining a solid majority in the House. 

If Harold Ford gets into the New York Senate race, millions of campaign dollars will be wasted and distracted on that race that could better have been spent in a State that has never had a Black or female US Senator, like Iowa, Rhode Island, Mississippi . . .

Please Harold Ford:  challenge some white guy, and stop trying to stir up intra-party fissures between white women and Blacks.  Those fissures would only disable the Democratic Party this fall and in 2012, when Obama has to seek re-election. 

We don't need or want to put more Black men in the US Senate by picking off white women.

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