The New York Time’s notoriously Fox-addled political reporter, Adam Nagourney, engages in some typical but sadly anachronistic “Democrats are doomed” hand-wringing in Thursday’s paper, faux-fretting that given the (factually inaccurate, but that’s par for the course) supposedly massive wave of Democratic retirements in the Senate, Obama will be hamstrung in carrying out his “agenda.” The first retarded premise of the article is that losing scandal-plagued Chris Dodd is a bad thing for liberals, which it clearly is not, and the second is that Obama even has an agenda that would be harmed by a congress even more wholly controlled by Republicans than the current one. Dick Cheney’s Chicken Little bleatings notwithstanding, whatever Obama’s “agenda” was supposed to have been, it’s already over. Stick a fork in it.

Nagourney lamely brings up financial reform, climate legislation, and any number of things that clearly won’t amount to a hill of beans as “threatened” by Republicans’ still unlikely sweeps in 2010, as though he weren’t aware that those pipe dreams have already been sold down the river like everything else “hope and change” was supposed to bring. We already know that any climate legislation will be so hopelessly watered down that the planet’s fate is as good as sealed, that even when the despicable and crooked Tim Geithner is tossed out for his now-revealed corrupt involvement with AIG, the clone that will replace him will be just as bad or worse, and that Sonia Sotomayor is as “liberal” as any Supreme Court nominee Obama would ever consider nominating. In short, Nagourney is breathlessly reporting on a game that has already long since been thrown. Can you believe they charge two bucks for that paper?

To washed-up beltway manipulators like Nagourney, a large majority in the house and 60 seats in the Senate must continue to be trumpeted to the NYT’s long-suffering readers as a thing worth losing, when the last several months have shown anyone with a pulse that it’s not. Despite Nagourney’s tired ramblings, we are a now irredeemably just another failed state ruled by thieves, warmongers, and religious freaks, and if anything, Obama’s election has cemented this reality to a point where it’s no longer necessary for anyone who wishes otherwise to vote at all. Newspapers may blame lots of things for their own decline, but the simple fact is that reading one to become an informed citizen is a dispiriting and pointless waste of time; vote and organize until you’re blue in the face, but unless you’re content to live in a corporatist dictatorship your time would better be spent filling out emigration papers.

From the time Obama utterly and flagrantly capitulated to the telecoms in allowing the government to spy on its citizens for corporate profit, we could see this coming, but more so in retrospect…. Democratic “victories,” costly and arduous as they were to achieve, have had no effect but to energize the fascist “base” of the Republican party while turning myriad Bush atrocities into bipartisan “consensus” along the way, which in the end is much more damaging. If you don’t like a repressive government taking your money to spend on wars, repression, and empowering further the powers that be, move to Sweden. At least you won’t have to read the New York Times there.

As we’ve seen, the answer to a health care “system” that gobbles up twice the money for half of the results is to throw more struggling people’s money at it. The answer to cripplingly expensive wars all over the globe is to start a few more of them. The answer to the rapacious greed of the banksters is to give them more money, just as the answer to global warming is to build more nuclear power plants. In short, the answer to every problem is to make it worse, and Adam Nagourney calls that an “agenda” that might be “threatened” by something so paltry and meaningless as an midterm election, following two that were supposed to begin to cast aside such insanity. Spare me.

Back in the days before Nagourney’s “reporting” helped to clobber John Kerry’s bid to oust Bush in 2004, there were still a lot of people who might have believed such nonsense. And in those days, his cruel joke of a newspaper only cost a buck. Today, Nagourney can type all he wants, but the fate of America, and the New York Times, is already sealed.

As only the Teabaggers seem to recognize, Democracy is as dead as Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith, and even in the unlikely event of the Republican sweep Nagourney now cheerleads, the “agenda” will remain the same.