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The Administration would have us think, that the failures to connect the dots was the problem with the underpants bomber getting on the plane.

The true reason He was able to get on the plane is He was given a Visa to do so.

This means someone in the State Dept. employ gave this guy a Visa to enter the United States. They must not have even looked at His passport, because it would have showed the traveling He had done to States like Yemen.

They are plainly covering their butts at our expense. Even while saying there were failures they keep saying everything was working great.

The main reason that the terrorists were successful on 911, wasn’t that they wanted to commit the attack, or even that our intelligence failed so miserably, but because they were also given Visa’s to freely enter the Country.

We allow people into the Country, and have no system in place to even know what they are doing, or might want to do.

So the truth is our Government and most of the people in it, and even up to our Presidents won’t admit that it is their allowing people to get Visa’s is the problem. A visa is an open invatation to enter our Country with little in restrictions. If one is a terrorist or not they will likely not be questioned much with that invatation in hand.

Trusting our Government will get it right next time when they won’t even talk about what the real problem is stupidity.

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