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FoxNews gets its money’s worth

s-MARA-LIASSON-largeAh, FoxNews Sunday, what a line-up on that round table, or at least as it used to be.

Bill Kristol, finding new targets of opportunity to bomb; Brit Hume, religious scholar from the Bazooka Joe institute. A veritable panoply of all available ideological thought from A to Aardvark.

But at least they haven’t affected “serious” journalist Mara Liasson during her tenure there right? Let’s go to the twitter-tape!
liasson tweet

Far be it from me to draw broad conclusions about socio-ethnic groups I don’t belong to, but wtf?! Of all the assumptions one could draw about young African-Americans, their strong desire for “earmark” reform is top of the list? That must be what Tavis Smiley’s up to now right?

Where does she get this info, Juan Williams or John McCain?

(h/t Balloon Juice)

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