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Establishing a Progressive Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has reached what could be the most important point in its very long history. As LBJ was when he decided to electorally cede the southern states to the Republicans to pass The Civil Rights Act, The Democrats once again find themselves in a position that forces them to make a choice.

One the one hand, you have a Democratic Party that is virtually indistinguishable from its Republican counterpart aside from the sound of the rhetoric. It’s a Democratic Party that gave a failing financial industry 700,000,000,000$ dollars to continue failing. It’s a Democratic Party that, without an ounce of guilt or a single thought regarding what they were elected to do, is willing to look the American people in the eye and say they are going to mandate that we purchase a substandard product from what is undeniably one of the most corrupt and sinister industries in the nation; the health insurance industry. It’s a Democratic Party that will campaign against the Bush Administration’s wars abroad and, when elected, do nothing but expand them. It’s a party that will let war criminals off the hook and keep established a culture of terror, all for political reasons. It’s a Democratic Party that lets Dick Cheney shape foreign policy through the television. It’s a Democratic party whose leaders are willing to compromise principles to a minority party that became so by running opposed to said principles. This is the Democratic Party of Joe Lieberman and President Obama. It’s the Democratic Party of corporate statism, better known as fascism.

One the other hand, you have the Democratic Party that we voted for. It’s the Democratic Party that was going to stand up to big business and Wall Street and demand accountability. It’s the Democratic Party that was going to take on the insurance industry and deliver real health care to the tens of millions of Americans that currently go without. It’s the Democratic Party that was going to end the War in Iraq, put a stop to American imperialism, and end the Bush culture of terror. You see, it’s THAT Democratic Party that was elected in 2006 and 2008. It wasn’t this mega-corporate entity that is putting Bush to shame in giving Wall Street its desired returns. We know that, and it’s about damned time that President Obama and those inanimate objects up on the hill figured it out.

What’s the way forward then? Stop dropping your coins into the corporate cup. Stop voting for the lesser of two evils. If your Democratic representative is in electoral danger because he bailed on progressive principles, then say good riddance. Please, do not bail out these DLC prototype Democrats for fear that their Republican counterpart would be even worse, because there is no distinguishable difference. Let’s establish a litmus test for our candidates and not waste our resources on “Democrats” that will ultimately vote like Republicans. Support progressives in the primaries and, should they not win, then write them in in the general. We have to stop counting on career politicians to change our course. It’s the grassroots that built our party and it’s the grassroots that will rebuild it.

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Adam Martin

Adam Martin