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Peter King (R-NY): Saying the Word “Terrorism” More Often Will Keep Us Safe

200px-Peter_King,_official_109th_Congress_photoWe’re now well into week three of the National Freakout over the failed undiebomber plot, and the GOP’s favorite bullshit talking point — that Obama doesn’t say the words “war on terror” or “terrorism” — has reached a new level of crazy.

“I think one main thing [to improve anti-terrorism measures] would be to — just himself to use the word terrorism more often,” said King, the ranking Republican on the Homeland Security Committee.

So it’s not just that Obama’s supposed reluctance to use the word “terrorism” or call it a “war” (which is again, objectively bullshit) is somehow putting us in danger. But to King — the very fact of his doing so will actually save lives.

Don’t suppose it’s worth pointing out to these morans that the whole point of terrorism is to whip up fear, so having the president go on national teevee and say “terra terra terra” every day is giving al Qaeda exactly what it wants.


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