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Hey North Dakota, What Do You Think About Ed Schultz?

On Monday, North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan announced his retirement, leaving not only big progressive shoes to fill, but an open Senate seat in 2010, too — one that could easily go Republican.

After Dorgan announced his retirement, MSNBC and radio host Ed Schultz — until recently a longtime North Dakota resident — reported that he was approached by North Dakota Democratic leaders about running for Senator Dorgan’s seat in 2010.

So here’s a question for Firedoglake’s North Dakota activists about this Senate race.

North Dakota, do you think Ed Schultz should run to be your next Senator?  Please take a few minutes to fill out our survey.

Your feedback will help us gauge public opinion about Schultz’s potential candidacy and what local Firedoglake activists think about this race. And if you have other ideas about this race, feel free to let us know in the survey.  (North Dakotans only, please.)

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Michael Whitney

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