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Early Morning Swim: Roger Ailes, Glenn Beck and Karl Rove Worst Persons in the World

Turd Blossom’s “analysis” is really perfect for Faux and Hannity–fact free.

HANNITY: When you look at the entire incident in total, what does it tell you?

ROVE: Well, it tells me that we got the gang that’s not got its act together. First of all, I think it was a mistake for the president to have the incident happen on Christmas and for him not to be heard from for four days. The White House sent out its people to spin the press in that they were trying to reassure the American people. Well, I don’t understand why keeping the president off the stage and then not having him explain it for four days is supposed to reassure us.

On the other hand, Turd Blossom does know something about an administration not having its act together.

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Blue Texan